Methodist Home Health & Hospice, Omaha, NE, offers Lifeline®, a 24-hour personal response system staffed 365 days a year by highly-trained, and caring response specialists. This emergency response system, Lifeline®, is available to anyone living within a 60-mile radius from Methodist Hospital who wants to continue to live in his or her own home, but may be at risk for falling or a health complication.
A Lifeline® medical alert system provides peace of mind for family members who care about their loved one's well-being or anyone concerned about getting help when it is needed. For example:

  • Someone recovering from an illness/injury at home
  • Senior citizens or the elderly
  • Someone who suffers from chronic illness or disease 

The Lifeline® Medical Alert System includes a communicator with a two-way speakerphone that connects to the client's phone and a waterproof Personal Help button worn as a pendant or wristband by the client.  A new button called Auto Alert Pendant is available for an additional fee, is worn and can automatically call for help if it detects a fall. Lifeline now offers a wireless unit, called Go Safe - GPS, for those who no longer have landline phones.
Life is unpredictable and an unexpected fall or medical emergency could threaten your future health if help is delayed. The Lifeline service is not just for medical emergencies, it allows you to summon the police or fire department if needed.
A Lifeline® Emergency Response System allows individuals to stay independent in their own homes and reduces visits to the emergency room. Lifeline® subscribers pay a little more than a dollar a day, plus there is no equipment to buy and no long-term contract.
To activate Lifeline®, call (402) 354-3200 or (800) 239-3065. Hours for installation in your home are Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
Important safety information regarding Lifeline® wearing options

Lifeline® is supported by the Methodist Hospital Foundation.

Comments from a client...

"I live in Charlotte, NC. I cannot tell you how much peace of mind we have had because of the Lifeline® and we appreciated your approach as my dad was resistant to wearing it but you worked magic and he did."